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It appears that with the growth of the Internet, the popularity of the Smoking Fetish has grown as well.  Before we could get online, many of us with the Smoking Fetish kept it to ourselves and admired beautiful people smoking in private.  While it is still not a hugely popular or understood fetish, we can not reach out to others with the same thoughts and feelings and discuss what the Smoking Fetish means to us.

There are now hundreds of web sites that cater to those with the Smoking Fetish.  Everything from picture galleries, movies, and chat rooms.  Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, and Twitter all have users and groups dedicated to the Smoking Fetish where we can interact, share pictures and videos, and stop feeling like we are the only person in the world that gets turned on by a beautiful man or woman enjoying a smoke.

It is the goal of Smoking Fetish Reviews to review some of the Smoking Fetish Sites online.  This will help our visitors to make an informed decision on what sites are good places to visit and the ones that are scams and ripoffs.  Please feel free to read the reviews and comment on anything you think is missing or is wrong.  Also take a minute to visit our parent company at Smoking Fetish Inc