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The Draggin Ladies smoking fetish site is definitely hardcore so if you are offended by this type of material then move on now.  You have been warned!  If, on the other hand, you enjoy the sight of a hot smoking woman having sex while smoking then read on.  The site does warn that you must be 18 to enter but they rely on honesty and do nothing to check your age.

Draggin Ladies is a fairly old site and once specialized in oriental beauties that smoked while having sex.  While they still feature some Asian woman, the choice in models has greatly expanded.  Most of these woman appear to love to smoke and this is no fake smokers site trying to sell you porn.

The main page is outstanding compared to some of the sites that I’ve seen.  At the top of the page is a link to the DVD store where you can purchase smoking fetish DVD’s.  This seems to be an extra cash cow for the site as members and non-members alike have to purchase the DVD’s.  Members do get a 50% discount however.  There is a VOD link that works the same way.

There is also a link to the Draggin Ladies forum but this is reserved for members only.  A free review feature is included for all but as the time of this writing, all sites that were reviewed were strictly porn related.  That may be a bonus for some but my tastes are completely driven toward the smoking fetish.  I don’t mind the porn aspect as long as the woman are pretty and smoke like chimneys.

Members can also get access to 40 additional free sites but these appear to be all porn as well.  If you are into this sort of thing then it sounds like a good deal and each site claims to update 4 new videos each month.

Membership is handled by CCBill or CueBill with several different payment options.  Monthly recurring memberships are less expensive then nonrecurring memberships at $29.95 per month.  Nonrecurring memberships are about $10 a month more per month but if you have the money and want to pay for more then one month at at time, the price continues to drop.  There is even a lifetime membership available that at the time of this writing is $499.

What do you get for membership?  As already stated you get 50% off DVD’s and VOD’s plus access to the Draggin Ladies forum and membership to 40 porn related sites.  Members get access to exclusive HD content that is said to be updated on a daily basis.  One added extra is the fact that there is an option on the main page where you can change or cancel your account.  I hate sites that make you jump through hoops trying to figure out how to cancel.

The types of cigarettes smoked and the techniques are as varied as the models but I love the fact that these woman are truly beautiful IRL smokers.  I hate sites that feature woman and put a cigarette in there hand to try and sell porn.  A fake smoker is a big turn off for me.

Free content is amazing.  Non-members can view every model on the site which takes you to a page where you can see what members get.  These pages feature both videos and picture galleries and non-members get one clip and one picture gallery for free.  I could have posted some free material on my site for you guys to view but with what is available on the home page, I see no purpose in doing so.  I can imagine that you could spend days just previewing free material.

Draggin Ladies certainly offers a lot to entice somebody to become a member.  If you can’t wait to see more then click on the picture below and I think you will be amazed at what you find.

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