Just What Is A Smoking Fetish?

Welcome to Smoking Fetish Reviews!

So you have a smoking fetish?  That’s great because I love smoking woman and I love to share the content I find on the web with those who can appreciate it.  I have accounts at several social media sites where I share pictures and videos of hot smokers and am always on the lookout for Smoking Fetish friends to share with. Just check the links on the right to check out my social media links.

It seems like I have spent years now trying to find the perfect smoking fetish site!  But to be honest, there are just too many sites available and too many things I like to find one perfect site.  After spending countless dollars and minutes on my search, I decided to create this site to help share my results and thoughts on the sites I’ve visited and often purchased from.

After talking with many who share my smoking fetish, I’ve come to realize that there is indeed a broad range of interests out there.  Some of the aspects the smoking fetish that seem to show a familiar pattern include topics such as:

  • The sweet and innocent girl next door who smokes
  • Naked girls that smoke and touch themselves while doing so
  • Those of us that get a certain thrill to see a beautiful smoking girl having sex while smoking
  • The site of multiple girls sharing there smoke with each other
  • Lesbians who smoke that go just a bit further then sharing their smoke
  • The darker side of smoking where a heavily addicted smoker shows off her stuff and revels in her addiction
  • So many more things that turn us on about a beautiful smoking woman

While I don’t claim to understand or even agree with all aspects of the smoking fetish, I’ve tried to stay neutral on my reviews and give an unbiased review of each site.  Unfortunately, I’m not just the site owner but also a huge fan of the smoking fetish.  Because of this, some of my reviews may be just a bit biased on certain sites that specialize in the things that I love.

Ready to get started?  Browse through my recent posts or feel free to take a look at the catagory list for something more fine tuned to what you are looking for.  Hope you have a happy and smokey experience.