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Please Check Out My New Smoking Fetish Dating Site


I’ve had a smoking fetish for all of my adult life and even when I was a teen.  If you read my post “What is a Smoking Fetish?” where I describe all of the different aspects of the Smoking Fetish.  If you are on this site, then you obviously have at least some idea what I’m talking about.  With me, the Smoking Fetish has always aroused my sexual appetite.  I love the taste and smell of a woman who smokes and have been looking for my ideal smoking partner for years.

Sadly, I’ve never found her.  I’ve dated woman that smoked but none of them understood what I needed to satisfy my fetish.  Some laughed it off but others thought it was perverted and freaky.  None of the relationships lasted because deep in my soul, I need a partner that understands and indulges this fetish. So I turned to the Internet for help.

I looked at Smoking Dating Sites and found a few.  But they were all a let down.  None of them specialize in catering to the person with the Smoking Fetish.  Some of them don’t even have smoking listed in the search feature or ask about it when registering.  Every site I tried let me down. I also checked into the numerous chat and webcam sites that say they specialize in the Smoking Fetish.  This was also a failure.  There are numerous groups on Yahoo about the Smoking Fetish and they all, without exception, are loaded with spammers who are trying to promote sex sites.

I even tired some of the cam sites that say they are geared towards smoking models but after joining these sites, the smoking models disappear and are replaced by amateur cam models from some foreign country.  Most of them don’t even smoke! So instead of giving up on love forever, I put my own problems on the back burner and decided to create a site created for people just like me.  It is a new dating site that specializes in the Smoking Fetish and you can reach it here.

I really want this site to succeed because I believe that it plays an important role for people like us. But I need help with populating my new site.  I have several hundred fake profiles on my site right now to make it look populated and help with the Search Engines.  I plan on deleting these profiles as soon as I start getting real people and that is where you come in.  Please go to my site and join as a free member.  Check it out and send me suggestions on improvements.

Contact the people you know with the Smoking Fetish and send them to the site.  If they join, I will give you a free Silver Membership for one month.  Just send me an email here at or on the new site at  Make sure you mention where you found out about this site because I’m only offering free memberships to people from here.

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