She Smokes is a site that features young and beautiful females who love to smoke.  If you are not into the new generation of ink, piercings, and odd hair colors then be warned that a few of the girls on this site are very much into that sort of thing.

Of course, the site is filled with all kinds of beautiful woman and not all of them are into ink and piercings.  And the ones that are seem to make it look damn good with smoke streaming out of their nose and mouth.

The site doesn’t claim to offer any free content but the main page let’s you scroll through a list of the site’s models and you have the opportunity to view each model’s picture gallery.  Each gallery contains several large, high definition pictures that you can right click on and save to your computer’s hard drive for later viewing.  The only downside is that the pictures are named using an unknown numerical system and you will need to rename the images if you want to make sense out of them for soring purposes.

Sadly, for those looking for free content, free pictures are all you are going to get.  To view the girl’s video’s, you will have to join as a paying member.  So the question is this.  Is paying for a membership worth anything?  The site claims the following statements.  Join an you will get:

  1. Access to 363 videos.
  2. All videos can be downloaded so you can view them at any time.
  3. All videos are shot in high definition.
  4. All videos are exclusive content that you won’t find anywhere else.
  5. New videos added weekly.
  6. New girls added on a regular basis.
  7. The website is optimized for mobile.

Considering that I’m doing a one time review, it’s hard to say how often the content is updating.  But I did get on the site with a Samsung G5 and the site didn’t look too bad.  I’m a PC man so using a cell phone for any type of website bothers me, but if that is all you have, then you should be able to get by with the mobile site of

Before I get to membership, I just want to let you know that does have an account with Clips4Sale so you can purchase individual videos there.  I’ve always found this a rather expensive way of getting content but I you only interest in one or two girls, then this might be the way to go.  Clips4Sale currently lists 37 pages of content for so there is a lot to pick from.  But at $4 to $6 per video, the cost can add up quite fast.

Membership options at the time of this writing include:

  1. Credit or debit card.
  2. Online Check.
  3. Direct Pay EU

Payment is handled by and only a monthly membership is offered.  This site is a bit backwards from other sites in that the 1st payment is more expensive then the recurring monthly payments.  I don’t like to quote prices on my reviews because the website can change them at any time.  Lets just say that the initial payment is about 50% higher then the following monthly recurring payments.

The bottom line?  Is it worth paying for this site or not?  I say yes!  The site features some very beautiful smoking girls.  The free pictures are great but the videos are even better.  And unlike many sites featured on Clips4Sale, this site actually lets you download and keep all content on it’s website.  If you try to buy all 363 videos on Clips4Sale, you will go broke. Click on the banner below and find out for yourself!

Dirty Smokers

Dirty Smokers

Dirty Smokers is a high quality smoking fetish porn site. Please be warned that this site is hard core so don’t click on the links unless you really want to see this type of action.

Dirty Smokers features smoky blowjobs, hot girls have sex while smoking, and woman masterbating while smoking. They smoke cigarettes and cigars, inhale deeply, and seem to really love the sexual side of the smoking fetish.

Sadly, guests are not allowed access to any type of free material. You must be a member to see the numerous volume of pictures and videos but I think this site is a touch above some of the other so called porn smoking sites. Dirty Smokers has a lot of hot woman and appears to be a high quality smoking fetish site.

Membership allows full access to smoking fetish pictures and videos which you can view online or download to your computer for later. Because Dirty Smokers is a porn site, membership also gives you access to 6 other porn sites. Sadly, they are not smoking related but it’s a nice perk anyway. You also get a DVD plugin which will allow you to view and download over 600 full porn DVD’s.

Membership packages include a rather expensive 3 day trial, or for a much better deal, a monthly recurring membership. For the best deal, there is also a non-recurring 3 month package. Membership can be paid by phone, Eurodebit, TMMSegPay, or CCBill, or Epoch.

If you’d rather not join right away, there is a option to join a mailing list where Dirty Smokers will send you free pictures, videos, news about the site, and other promotional material. For reviewing the site, I also have access to some free pictures and videos that you can view. Just click on the link below to check them out.

Dirty Smokers Free Gallery. Warning! This is hard core smoking fetish porn. Enter only if you understand this.

Bottom line: Dirty Smokers is certainly a hard core porn site but if you enjoy that sort of thing then this site is worth the money. If you prefer a milder smoking fetish experience then check some of my other reviews.

Dirty Smokers

Cigarette Sluts

Cigarette Sluts in certainly a hard core porn site that specializes is woman who smoke cigarettes and male organs. The visitors page has nothing to offer except for some grainy pictures of what you get when you join. The girls are certainly smoking hot and are IRL smokers.

Membership gives you access to thousands of smoking pictures, numerous smoking videos, and even offers live girls who do smoking shows for you. There is no free material available so you have to join if you want to see any real action.

Membership payment is handled through EPoch or CCBill and you can join with a 3 day trial or a monthly membership. The 3 day trial converts to the monthly membership unless cancelled and the monthly membership recurs every 30 days until cancelled. Payment can be made through a credit card or check.

Membership perks include free access to a large amount of bonus porn sites with 4 different category’s. HD, Amateur, Real Life, and Hard Core. Several of the bonus sites include gay or lesbian themes.

Bottom Line: If you are heavy into porn then a membership with Cigarette Sluts would be a good deal. If you are more geared toward the smoking fetish, then you can probably spend your money better somewhere else.

Bunny Club: Smoking Bunnies Club

Smoking Club is part of the Bunnies Club network.  Join and get access to 8 different niche sites as listed below:

  1. Asian Club.
  2. Blonde Club.
  3. Bit Tit Club.
  4. Lesbian Club.
  5. Beach Club.
  6. Smoking Club.
  7. Toys Club.
  8. XXS Club.

I did not take the time to investigate anything other then the Smoking Club because that is what this site is all about.  Here is what I found.

This site is a hardcore sex site and promotes it.  Links at the top of the page include Model Voting, Videos, and updates but each link takes you to models from all of the different club sites and you will definitely see some naked pictures of non-smokers.

There are some pictures of hot smoking woman on the front page and clicking on them will take you to the join page or show you model info and more pictures that you can save to your hard drive if you wish.

The Videos Link on the front page gives you 4 videos that you can preview and at the time of this writing, had one video from the Smoking Club which can be viewed in low resolution inside a small box.

Payment for membership is by Credit Card, CCBill, or Direct Pay/EU but you have to click on one of the payment links to find out the cost.  I clicked on CCBill and had the option of a 2 day trial, a monthly recurring membership, a 3 month non-recurring membership, or a yearly non-recurring membership.  Unfortunately, I could not find a page that told me what I would receive for my membership.

Final Conclusion.  Bunnies Club is trying too hard to meet the needs of everybody.  If you are into hard-core porn and want to see it all then this site might me for you.  But I’m a man with the smoking fetish and don’t have much interest in the rest of it.  I think the network that owns Bunnies Smoking Club understands this because it has another site called Smoking Bunnies that is devoted entirely to the smoking fetish.  I did a review on this site in the past and plan on visiting it again soon to see what has changed.

The choice is yours.  If you are heavy into the porn scene with a bit of smoking thrown in then this site might me for you.  If you are consumed by the smoking fetish aspect like I am, then you can do better.



Smoking Fetish Dating Site

Please Check Out My New Smoking Fetish Dating Site


I’ve had a smoking fetish for all of my adult life and even when I was a teen.  If you read my post “What is a Smoking Fetish?” where I describe all of the different aspects of the Smoking Fetish.  If you are on this site, then you obviously have at least some idea what I’m talking about.  With me, the Smoking Fetish has always aroused my sexual appetite.  I love the taste and smell of a woman who smokes and have been looking for my ideal smoking partner for years.

Sadly, I’ve never found her.  I’ve dated woman that smoked but none of them understood what I needed to satisfy my fetish.  Some laughed it off but others thought it was perverted and freaky.  None of the relationships lasted because deep in my soul, I need a partner that understands and indulges this fetish. So I turned to the Internet for help.

I looked at Smoking Dating Sites and found a few.  But they were all a let down.  None of them specialize in catering to the person with the Smoking Fetish.  Some of them don’t even have smoking listed in the search feature or ask about it when registering.  Every site I tried let me down. I also checked into the numerous chat and webcam sites that say they specialize in the Smoking Fetish.  This was also a failure.  There are numerous groups on Yahoo about the Smoking Fetish and they all, without exception, are loaded with spammers who are trying to promote sex sites.

I even tired some of the cam sites that say they are geared towards smoking models but after joining these sites, the smoking models disappear and are replaced by amateur cam models from some foreign country.  Most of them don’t even smoke! So instead of giving up on love forever, I put my own problems on the back burner and decided to create a site created for people just like me.  It is a new dating site that specializes in the Smoking Fetish and you can reach it here.

I really want this site to succeed because I believe that it plays an important role for people like us. But I need help with populating my new site.  I have several hundred fake profiles on my site right now to make it look populated and help with the Search Engines.  I plan on deleting these profiles as soon as I start getting real people and that is where you come in.  Please go to my site and join as a free member.  Check it out and send me suggestions on improvements.

Contact the people you know with the Smoking Fetish and send them to the site.  If they join, I will give you a free Silver Membership for one month.  Just send me an email here at or on the new site at  Make sure you mention where you found out about this site because I’m only offering free memberships to people from here.

Smoke Signals Online

Smoke Signals Online

Smoke Signals Online has been on the Web for almost 15 years and is considered by some to be the original smoking fetish site.  While I have had the smoking fetish for much longer then 15 years, I was not aware of this site until around 2000.  I joined back then and cancelled later due to the video quality of the material.  This appears to have changed a great deal and I must say that Smoke Signals Online now offers some high quality material featuring some very hot woman.

Smoke signals Online offers a wide variety of material ranging from the cute innocent smoker next door right up to smoking sex.  The site features solo smokers and friends sharing a smoke together.  For those that enjoy it, there is also girls that share there smoke with each other and others that masturbate while smoking.

For the hard core smoke fetisher, material such as smoking during sex and smokey blowjobs are also available.  The sight claims that it is not just another porn site but because of some of the material, it is necessary to claim that you are an adult before entering.  No major worry here as there is no actual verification with credit card.  Just click the button stating that you are old enough to enter the site.

Many different smoking styles are featured such as mouth exhales and French inhaling.  Some of the models offer some amazing open mouth inhales as well.  Cone exhales, normal mouth exhales, and nose and combination exhales are featured.  Some models do combination inhales with smoke streaming out of there nose as they greedily suck in another drag.  There are also some great dangling scenes.

Double pumps, smoke rings, and multiple cigarette scenes are included and the models are all beautiful IRL smokers.  Content is said to be filmed on 3 different continents around the world and is said to be 100% exclusive to Smoke Signals Online.  From what I could see, this does appear to be the case.  Although I have seen some of the models on other sites, the scenes are original and not just copied.

The site claims to have over 300,000 exclusive pictures and hundreds of hours of video content.  Updates occur 4 times a month and you also get bonus content from some older sites that are no longer around.  One featured bonus is old JSG Archives.  While this site appears to be offline now, I have some videos from it and they were quite good.

The non member area is somewhat limited in content but does feature several short videos and some pictures.  You can save the pictures to your computer and download the videos if you have RealPlayer.  The main page features 3 sections highlighting latest updates, updates from the previous week, and a section on new material that will be released the following week.

There is also a section with latest news telling what is going on with the site.  I’ve noticed that a lot of the models are from Random Snaps and if you’ve ever seen that site then you know how very hot they are.  Just to mention a view, you will see Tiffany B, Gabi, and Kelly C who were all featured on Random Snaps at one time.

The main page states that membership is as low as $10 per month but I did not see this option when joining.  Payment is handled by CCBill and you can use a credit card or an online check.  For German and Austrian residents, you can use your EU Debit Card.  The cost at the time of this writing was $23.95 USD for 30 days then automatically re billed each month at $23.95.

The second option is a yearly subscription of $119.95 which is also automatically re billed.  If you like the site and have the cash to spare then a yearly subscription will cost you less then half of the monthly option.  If you are not in the US, then there are 5 other currency options available.  You will also be required to choose a user name and password when joining.

If Smoke Signals Online sounds like it is just what you have been looking for then click on the banner below to take a look.  Happy smoking!

Smoke Signals Online

What Is A Smoking Fetish

I realize that most people who hear the word fetish automatically think of some type of sexual perversion.  While this can truly be the case, it is now always the fact.  I would like to talk to you about a little talked about and often misunderstood fetish called the smoking fetish.

With the growth of the Internet, it has become apparent that many men and even a few woman have this special type of fetish.  These people simply enjoy the sight of a beautiful woman inhaling and exhaling smoke.  Being male, I can’t speak for the woman who have this fetish but I believe that there are those who also enjoy the sight of men smoking as well.

There are many aspects to the smoking fetish and I don’t claim to understand all of them.  But considering that I have had this somewhat peculiar attraction to woman who smoke since I was a teen I think I understand a great deal about it.

As I’ve already stated, the specific categories of the smoking fetish are as varied as the people who have it.  Speaking from experience, I think you can break down the types of the smoking fetish into 4 major categories.  The visual aspect, the physical aspect, the sexual aspect, and the dark side aspect.  It is possible for a smoking fetisher to have certain traits of one or more of the sub categories.  Maybe even all!

The visual smoking fetish is as it sounds.  This type of person enjoys the sight of a woman smoking.  They may collect videos and pictures of woman smoking or habitate public places where they can see woman smoking.  With the current laws in the world being geared against public smoking, it is more difficult to see woman smoking in public.  These type of people may find themselves watching for woman in cars smoking or driving by outside smoking areas to catch a rare glimpse of a beautiful woman having a cigarette.

The physical aspect of the smoking fetish is often an addition to the visual aspect.  This is where somebody not only like to watch but also loves the smell of a woman’s exhaled smoke.  This may include the desire to smell a woman’s smokey breath and taste her nicotine laced mouth.  Many of these people enjoy kissing a smoker and surprisingly, many with this type of fetish don’t smoke themselves.

The sexual aspect of the smoking fetish is often shared by most but necesarily all of those with a smoking fetish.  It actually comes in two varietys.  The first is where one gets sexually aroused by a smoker.  This can be the case with those who have the visual, physical, or both.  While this is a somewhat taboo subject that many will not admit to, I believe that most, if not all, of us with the smoking fetish have at least a little bit of this in us.

The second part of the sexual smoking fetish is similar but somewhat different then the first.  Instead of, or in addiction to the sexual arousal obtained by smoking woman, these people enjoy watching woman smoke while having sex.  There appears to be more and more smoking fetish related websites who cater to this type of activity.

The fourth type of the smoking fetish is very diversified and relates to many different aspects.  To sum it up into one sentence, it is the dark side of the smoking fetish and can range dramatically.  I think that most of us with the smoking fetish have at least a little bit of this in us as it becomes a turn on to see a beautiful woman smoking because she is doing something naughty.  But some people take this dark side to the extreme.

Aspects of this type of smoking fetish can be listed ranging from mild to horrible and are shown below.

1.  Enjoying the thought of a young girl who smokes, displaying her naughty side.
2.  Watching an innocent looking woman displaying bad behaviour.
3.  Darker thoughts of forcing woman to smoke and/or increasing there smoking habit.
4.  The darkest thinking of all:  Those who take delight in a smoker suffering from the negative aspects of smoking.

There are so many more aspects to the smoking fetish that I just don’t have the time or energy to cover them all.  I do hope that this article has helped those of you who have the smoking fetish realize that you are not as alone as you might have thought.  And for those of you who do not have this fetish, I hope this article has given you some insight into what the fetish is.

We all know that smoking is bad for us.  It kills!  But speaking as someone who has the smoking fetish, I understand that it is not a conscious choice.  I get turned on by beautiful woman smoking and often feel dirty for feeling this way.  I am not into the dark side of the fetish and don’t wish to see anybody harmed.  But I have always loved woman who smoke and I suppose that I always will.

If you smoke then you should quit.  If you don’t smoke then don’t start.  With that said,  I’m always interested in meeting those who share this misunderstood and often shameful fetish.  Please drop me an email or leave a comment.  Enjoy my site.

Smokers Erotica

As the name suggests, Smokers Erotica is a hard core smoking fetish sex site.  It is a group of sites owned by a company that is 99% porn related and does not apologize for it’s content.  It features woman that have sex, give blow jobs, play with themselves, and drink cum all while smoking.  I’m not much into most of these porn smoking fetish sites because many concentrate on the porn and not the smoking.

But Smokers Erotica appears to feature IRL smokers, some of which are well known in the porn industry.  Some of the models include Kori Tyler, Angel Couture, Lilly Kingston, Brandy Lyons, Jennifer Dark, and Emma Cummings.

Most girls smoke cigarettes while having sex but a few also smoke cigars.  There does not appear to me a lot of thought put into the method and style of smoking.  Just pure smoking sex.

Members get access to 1280×720 movies in wmv and flash format while some of the wmv are in HD.  Multiple resolution pictures up to 1600×1200 pixels are included.  And members can get a free IPOD mobile version of the website.  The pictures can be downloaded as galleries in a ZIP format which is nice compared to downloading one picture at a time.

Smokers Erotica claims to offer exlusive fresh content that is updated daily.  Members get access to 10 additional sites but unfortunately for me, they are all port related.  If you are into non-smoking porn then this might be a plus for you.

Membership is available through credit card or check and is available in 3 separate payment packages.  I will not quote prices as these can often change but the packages include a 3 day trial subscription, a recurring monthly subscription, and a 3 month subscription at a reduced rate.

A free picture newsletter is also offered at the time of joining.  Free content is extremely limited on the main site.  All you can do is view some sample pictures of what the members get.  You can save these pictures to your computer if you want to take the time to change the names and download.

Be warned with the fact that this is esentially a porn site and uses some of the same tactics.  The site will change Internet Explorer and remove the back and forward buttons to keep you from returning to a previous page.  While this is irritating to me, it does not permanently affect your browser.

If you are really into porn related smoking fetish then this site may be what you are looking for.  I personally think there are some higher quality sites out there with this type of material such as Draggin Ladies but Smoking Erotica does feature some attractive models.

If you are ready to see what Smokers Erotica can offer you then click on the banner below.  If you would rather see some free content then I have set up a page with some free video clips from the site.  If you are over 18 and are prepared for hardcore smoking then click here to view my free gallery.

Draggin Ladies

The Draggin Ladies smoking fetish site is definitely hardcore so if you are offended by this type of material then move on now.  You have been warned!  If, on the other hand, you enjoy the sight of a hot smoking woman having sex while smoking then read on.  The site does warn that you must be 18 to enter but they rely on honesty and do nothing to check your age.

Draggin Ladies is a fairly old site and once specialized in oriental beauties that smoked while having sex.  While they still feature some Asian woman, the choice in models has greatly expanded.  Most of these woman appear to love to smoke and this is no fake smokers site trying to sell you porn.

The main page is outstanding compared to some of the sites that I’ve seen.  At the top of the page is a link to the DVD store where you can purchase smoking fetish DVD’s.  This seems to be an extra cash cow for the site as members and non-members alike have to purchase the DVD’s.  Members do get a 50% discount however.  There is a VOD link that works the same way.

There is also a link to the Draggin Ladies forum but this is reserved for members only.  A free review feature is included for all but as the time of this writing, all sites that were reviewed were strictly porn related.  That may be a bonus for some but my tastes are completely driven toward the smoking fetish.  I don’t mind the porn aspect as long as the woman are pretty and smoke like chimneys.

Members can also get access to 40 additional free sites but these appear to be all porn as well.  If you are into this sort of thing then it sounds like a good deal and each site claims to update 4 new videos each month.

Membership is handled by CCBill or CueBill with several different payment options.  Monthly recurring memberships are less expensive then nonrecurring memberships at $29.95 per month.  Nonrecurring memberships are about $10 a month more per month but if you have the money and want to pay for more then one month at at time, the price continues to drop.  There is even a lifetime membership available that at the time of this writing is $499.

What do you get for membership?  As already stated you get 50% off DVD’s and VOD’s plus access to the Draggin Ladies forum and membership to 40 porn related sites.  Members get access to exclusive HD content that is said to be updated on a daily basis.  One added extra is the fact that there is an option on the main page where you can change or cancel your account.  I hate sites that make you jump through hoops trying to figure out how to cancel.

The types of cigarettes smoked and the techniques are as varied as the models but I love the fact that these woman are truly beautiful IRL smokers.  I hate sites that feature woman and put a cigarette in there hand to try and sell porn.  A fake smoker is a big turn off for me.

Free content is amazing.  Non-members can view every model on the site which takes you to a page where you can see what members get.  These pages feature both videos and picture galleries and non-members get one clip and one picture gallery for free.  I could have posted some free material on my site for you guys to view but with what is available on the home page, I see no purpose in doing so.  I can imagine that you could spend days just previewing free material.

Draggin Ladies certainly offers a lot to entice somebody to become a member.  If you can’t wait to see more then click on the picture below and I think you will be amazed at what you find.

Smoking Bunnies

Smoking Bunnies


Smoking Bunnies is a popular medium quality amateur smoking website which has been in business since 2005. This site is dedicated to discovering the most desirable smoking girls on the net.  The models range from eighteen to twenty one years old in general, even though you might discover slightly older smoking hotties within the visitor free galleries. Although the models pose in the nude, the smoking usually takes place in softcore situations having no porn related content.  Some girls do love to smoke while touching themselves or playing with friends.

Supporters of the smoking fetish will definitely admire the unique content on Smoking Bunnies. Even though the content is softcore, the girls maintain a confident attitude which makes the pictures and videos seem even more naughty. Smoking Bunnies provides original photos and video clips of hot, nude smoking ladies. The models relax seductively in their lingerie, taking extended drags and really daring you to inform them about the hazards of their addictive practice. They throw caution to the breeze, smoking away for all of our enjoyment.

Updates show up every week, and even though the content can be excellent quality, the Smoking Bunnies website could do better with greater organization. The site provides a basic interface and although simple to get around, might be better off utilizing additional advanced features. The content offered in the subscribers section of Smoking Bunnies appears to be fairly good and does seem to be unique. The style of photography appears fashionable and many of the company’s models tend to be stunning as well.

The site does not feature sex or other hardcore elements but merely provides young and beautiful amateurs savoring a pleasant smoke. The girls are hot, natural looking amateurs posing nude while smoking cigarettes with abandon. It is claimed that a number of the videos are actually taken by the girls themselves. There is additionally some great smoking in front of a mirror content, but I was somewhat disappointed with the scarcity of up-close shots showing the actual cigarette smoke. Just a personal preference of mine.

Outside of the content provided with membership, you will additionally gain access to thirteen sister sites, many being fetish in nature with some smoking sites mixed in. Over all, I was rather pleased with the content offered inside of Smoking Bunnies and would suggest that it is among the finest smoking sites I have come across to date. If you truly adore smoking nude girls don’t wait to get your Smoking Bunnies pass today. The site doesn’t offer fake smokers and it is obvious that the models love smoking.  Love the smoking fetish? What are you waiting for. Click on the picture below to see what Smoking Bunnies can offer you.