She Smokes is a site that features young and beautiful females who love to smoke.  If you are not into the new generation of ink, piercings, and odd hair colors then be warned that a few of the girls on this site are very much into that sort of thing.

Of course, the site is filled with all kinds of beautiful woman and not all of them are into ink and piercings.  And the ones that are seem to make it look damn good with smoke streaming out of their nose and mouth.

The site doesn’t claim to offer any free content but the main page let’s you scroll through a list of the site’s models and you have the opportunity to view each model’s picture gallery.  Each gallery contains several large, high definition pictures that you can right click on and save to your computer’s hard drive for later viewing.  The only downside is that the pictures are named using an unknown numerical system and you will need to rename the images if you want to make sense out of them for soring purposes.

Sadly, for those looking for free content, free pictures are all you are going to get.  To view the girl’s video’s, you will have to join as a paying member.  So the question is this.  Is paying for a membership worth anything?  The site claims the following statements.  Join an you will get:

  1. Access to 363 videos.
  2. All videos can be downloaded so you can view them at any time.
  3. All videos are shot in high definition.
  4. All videos are exclusive content that you won’t find anywhere else.
  5. New videos added weekly.
  6. New girls added on a regular basis.
  7. The website is optimized for mobile.

Considering that I’m doing a one time review, it’s hard to say how often the content is updating.  But I did get on the site with a Samsung G5 and the site didn’t look too bad.  I’m a PC man so using a cell phone for any type of website bothers me, but if that is all you have, then you should be able to get by with the mobile site of

Before I get to membership, I just want to let you know that does have an account with Clips4Sale so you can purchase individual videos there.  I’ve always found this a rather expensive way of getting content but I you only interest in one or two girls, then this might be the way to go.  Clips4Sale currently lists 37 pages of content for so there is a lot to pick from.  But at $4 to $6 per video, the cost can add up quite fast.

Membership options at the time of this writing include:

  1. Credit or debit card.
  2. Online Check.
  3. Direct Pay EU

Payment is handled by and only a monthly membership is offered.  This site is a bit backwards from other sites in that the 1st payment is more expensive then the recurring monthly payments.  I don’t like to quote prices on my reviews because the website can change them at any time.  Lets just say that the initial payment is about 50% higher then the following monthly recurring payments.

The bottom line?  Is it worth paying for this site or not?  I say yes!  The site features some very beautiful smoking girls.  The free pictures are great but the videos are even better.  And unlike many sites featured on Clips4Sale, this site actually lets you download and keep all content on it’s website.  If you try to buy all 363 videos on Clips4Sale, you will go broke. Click on the banner below and find out for yourself!

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