Smoke Signals Online

Smoke Signals Online

Smoke Signals Online has been on the Web for almost 15 years and is considered by some to be the original smoking fetish site.  While I have had the smoking fetish for much longer then 15 years, I was not aware of this site until around 2000.  I joined back then and cancelled later due to the video quality of the material.  This appears to have changed a great deal and I must say that Smoke Signals Online now offers some high quality material featuring some very hot woman.

Smoke signals Online offers a wide variety of material ranging from the cute innocent smoker next door right up to smoking sex.  The site features solo smokers and friends sharing a smoke together.  For those that enjoy it, there is also girls that share there smoke with each other and others that masturbate while smoking.

For the hard core smoke fetisher, material such as smoking during sex and smokey blowjobs are also available.  The sight claims that it is not just another porn site but because of some of the material, it is necessary to claim that you are an adult before entering.  No major worry here as there is no actual verification with credit card.  Just click the button stating that you are old enough to enter the site.

Many different smoking styles are featured such as mouth exhales and French inhaling.  Some of the models offer some amazing open mouth inhales as well.  Cone exhales, normal mouth exhales, and nose and combination exhales are featured.  Some models do combination inhales with smoke streaming out of there nose as they greedily suck in another drag.  There are also some great dangling scenes.

Double pumps, smoke rings, and multiple cigarette scenes are included and the models are all beautiful IRL smokers.  Content is said to be filmed on 3 different continents around the world and is said to be 100% exclusive to Smoke Signals Online.  From what I could see, this does appear to be the case.  Although I have seen some of the models on other sites, the scenes are original and not just copied.

The site claims to have over 300,000 exclusive pictures and hundreds of hours of video content.  Updates occur 4 times a month and you also get bonus content from some older sites that are no longer around.  One featured bonus is old JSG Archives.  While this site appears to be offline now, I have some videos from it and they were quite good.

The non member area is somewhat limited in content but does feature several short videos and some pictures.  You can save the pictures to your computer and download the videos if you have RealPlayer.  The main page features 3 sections highlighting latest updates, updates from the previous week, and a section on new material that will be released the following week.

There is also a section with latest news telling what is going on with the site.  I’ve noticed that a lot of the models are from Random Snaps and if you’ve ever seen that site then you know how very hot they are.  Just to mention a view, you will see Tiffany B, Gabi, and Kelly C who were all featured on Random Snaps at one time.

The main page states that membership is as low as $10 per month but I did not see this option when joining.  Payment is handled by CCBill and you can use a credit card or an online check.  For German and Austrian residents, you can use your EU Debit Card.  The cost at the time of this writing was $23.95 USD for 30 days then automatically re billed each month at $23.95.

The second option is a yearly subscription of $119.95 which is also automatically re billed.  If you like the site and have the cash to spare then a yearly subscription will cost you less then half of the monthly option.  If you are not in the US, then there are 5 other currency options available.  You will also be required to choose a user name and password when joining.

If Smoke Signals Online sounds like it is just what you have been looking for then click on the banner below to take a look.  Happy smoking!

Smoke Signals Online

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