Smokers Erotica

As the name suggests, Smokers Erotica is a hard core smoking fetish sex site.  It is a group of sites owned by a company that is 99% porn related and does not apologize for it’s content.  It features woman that have sex, give blow jobs, play with themselves, and drink cum all while smoking.  I’m not much into most of these porn smoking fetish sites because many concentrate on the porn and not the smoking.

But Smokers Erotica appears to feature IRL smokers, some of which are well known in the porn industry.  Some of the models include Kori Tyler, Angel Couture, Lilly Kingston, Brandy Lyons, Jennifer Dark, and Emma Cummings.

Most girls smoke cigarettes while having sex but a few also smoke cigars.  There does not appear to me a lot of thought put into the method and style of smoking.  Just pure smoking sex.

Members get access to 1280×720 movies in wmv and flash format while some of the wmv are in HD.  Multiple resolution pictures up to 1600×1200 pixels are included.  And members can get a free IPOD mobile version of the website.  The pictures can be downloaded as galleries in a ZIP format which is nice compared to downloading one picture at a time.

Smokers Erotica claims to offer exlusive fresh content that is updated daily.  Members get access to 10 additional sites but unfortunately for me, they are all port related.  If you are into non-smoking porn then this might be a plus for you.

Membership is available through credit card or check and is available in 3 separate payment packages.  I will not quote prices as these can often change but the packages include a 3 day trial subscription, a recurring monthly subscription, and a 3 month subscription at a reduced rate.

A free picture newsletter is also offered at the time of joining.  Free content is extremely limited on the main site.  All you can do is view some sample pictures of what the members get.  You can save these pictures to your computer if you want to take the time to change the names and download.

Be warned with the fact that this is esentially a porn site and uses some of the same tactics.  The site will change Internet Explorer and remove the back and forward buttons to keep you from returning to a previous page.  While this is irritating to me, it does not permanently affect your browser.

If you are really into porn related smoking fetish then this site may be what you are looking for.  I personally think there are some higher quality sites out there with this type of material such as Draggin Ladies but Smoking Erotica does feature some attractive models.

If you are ready to see what Smokers Erotica can offer you then click on the banner below.  If you would rather see some free content then I have set up a page with some free video clips from the site.  If you are over 18 and are prepared for hardcore smoking then click here to view my free gallery.

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