Smoking Lesbians

Smoking Lesbians Reviews [rating=2]

Smoking Lesbians

Little has changed with this site since my initial review back in 2007. The Smoking Lesbian website features woman who love to touch and share their smoke. If you are into woman sharing smokey kisses then this site has just that. It claims to offer almost 3,000 pictures but does not have any videos that I can tell. There is only one main page with no free content but you can download some low quality pictures to your hard drive.

Frankly speaking, the Smoking Lesbians website doesn’t offer any free content to entice you to join except for the pictures on the front page. The quality is fair and some of the models look quite hot. Unfortuanetly, the site just doesn’t have enough content to entice me to join.

The join page of the Smoking Lesbian website is simple with few options. You can sign up for a 30 day recurring membership through credit card, CcBill 900 where you pay by phone, plus there are options for International customers. No trail membership option is offered.

It would appear that if you want to get a better look at what the Smoking Lesbians membership area has to offer then the only way to do so is to join for a month and check it out. I normally prefer to shy away from sites that aren’t willing to offer up a little free content but the pictures on the main page do indicate that the woman are attractive and love to share their smoke. If interested you can click here to check out the site.

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