What Is A Smoking Fetish

I realize that most people who hear the word fetish automatically think of some type of sexual perversion.  While this can truly be the case, it is now always the fact.  I would like to talk to you about a little talked about and often misunderstood fetish called the smoking fetish.

With the growth of the Internet, it has become apparent that many men and even a few woman have this special type of fetish.  These people simply enjoy the sight of a beautiful woman inhaling and exhaling smoke.  Being male, I can’t speak for the woman who have this fetish but I believe that there are those who also enjoy the sight of men smoking as well.

There are many aspects to the smoking fetish and I don’t claim to understand all of them.  But considering that I have had this somewhat peculiar attraction to woman who smoke since I was a teen I think I understand a great deal about it.

As I’ve already stated, the specific categories of the smoking fetish are as varied as the people who have it.  Speaking from experience, I think you can break down the types of the smoking fetish into 4 major categories.  The visual aspect, the physical aspect, the sexual aspect, and the dark side aspect.  It is possible for a smoking fetisher to have certain traits of one or more of the sub categories.  Maybe even all!

The visual smoking fetish is as it sounds.  This type of person enjoys the sight of a woman smoking.  They may collect videos and pictures of woman smoking or habitate public places where they can see woman smoking.  With the current laws in the world being geared against public smoking, it is more difficult to see woman smoking in public.  These type of people may find themselves watching for woman in cars smoking or driving by outside smoking areas to catch a rare glimpse of a beautiful woman having a cigarette.

The physical aspect of the smoking fetish is often an addition to the visual aspect.  This is where somebody not only like to watch but also loves the smell of a woman’s exhaled smoke.  This may include the desire to smell a woman’s smokey breath and taste her nicotine laced mouth.  Many of these people enjoy kissing a smoker and surprisingly, many with this type of fetish don’t smoke themselves.

The sexual aspect of the smoking fetish is often shared by most but necesarily all of those with a smoking fetish.  It actually comes in two varietys.  The first is where one gets sexually aroused by a smoker.  This can be the case with those who have the visual, physical, or both.  While this is a somewhat taboo subject that many will not admit to, I believe that most, if not all, of us with the smoking fetish have at least a little bit of this in us.

The second part of the sexual smoking fetish is similar but somewhat different then the first.  Instead of, or in addiction to the sexual arousal obtained by smoking woman, these people enjoy watching woman smoke while having sex.  There appears to be more and more smoking fetish related websites who cater to this type of activity.

The fourth type of the smoking fetish is very diversified and relates to many different aspects.  To sum it up into one sentence, it is the dark side of the smoking fetish and can range dramatically.  I think that most of us with the smoking fetish have at least a little bit of this in us as it becomes a turn on to see a beautiful woman smoking because she is doing something naughty.  But some people take this dark side to the extreme.

Aspects of this type of smoking fetish can be listed ranging from mild to horrible and are shown below.

1.  Enjoying the thought of a young girl who smokes, displaying her naughty side.
2.  Watching an innocent looking woman displaying bad behaviour.
3.  Darker thoughts of forcing woman to smoke and/or increasing there smoking habit.
4.  The darkest thinking of all:  Those who take delight in a smoker suffering from the negative aspects of smoking.

There are so many more aspects to the smoking fetish that I just don’t have the time or energy to cover them all.  I do hope that this article has helped those of you who have the smoking fetish realize that you are not as alone as you might have thought.  And for those of you who do not have this fetish, I hope this article has given you some insight into what the fetish is.

We all know that smoking is bad for us.  It kills!  But speaking as someone who has the smoking fetish, I understand that it is not a conscious choice.  I get turned on by beautiful woman smoking and often feel dirty for feeling this way.  I am not into the dark side of the fetish and don’t wish to see anybody harmed.  But I have always loved woman who smoke and I suppose that I always will.

If you smoke then you should quit.  If you don’t smoke then don’t start.  With that said,  I’m always interested in meeting those who share this misunderstood and often shameful fetish.  Please drop me an email or leave a comment.  Enjoy my site.

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  1. alex76 says:

    “This may include the desire to smell a woman’s smokey breath and taste her nicotine laced mouth.” this is my favourite theme )

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